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A Message from the Executive Producer of Breaking Through The Clouds:
Producer Heather Taylor
In the early days of powered flight, airplanes were made of little more than wood, fabric and primitive, unreliable motors. Pilots flew low, following roads and railroad tracks as directional guides. If lost, the pilot was forced to land and ask for directions, often from the very farmer whose field they landed in. Given all of this and the fact that all pilots were essentially test pilots in the 1920s, it is amazing that anyone even WANTED to take to the skies — much less participate in an all out speed race across the country. However, 20 young women did just that by eagerly signing on for the 1929 first Women's National Air Race. These pilots pushed themselves, the planes and each other to the limits as well as changed the public's perception of flying and challenged society's image of women.

The courage and strength these women demonstrated daily while facing mechanical breakdowns, societal scorn and individual pressure is dramatic. Their vulnerability and "failures" further engage all those who hear the story. They approached aviation with enthusiasm and purpose while making their dreams important to the world. This, along with the women's passion and comradery, is what has inspired me to tell their story.

It is my hope that each person will "take to the skies" with their own dreams after learning of these remarkable pilots and soar with the women in Breaking Through The Clouds.

Happy Landings,
Heather Taylor
Heather Taylor

Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby is produced by Independent Producer Heather Taylor. Heather, who grew up in a family of pilots and spent countless hours at local airports, first learned of the women's national air derby in 1997. After researching for nearly a decade, Taylor left her job at Discovery Communications and formed her own production company, Archetypal Images, LLC.

Heather has worked in the film and video industry nearly 15 years including 8 years with Discovery Communications and 2 years with ABC/Kane Productions. While at Discovery, she managed and received credits for such shows as The Croc Hunter, Monster Garage, Deadliest Catch, Eukanuba Tournament of Champions, American Chopper and thousands more. In addition, she worked on national commercials, industrial videos and completed a tenure with the Tennessee Film Commission.

Heather has a Masters in Producing Film & Video. Her purpose in creating Archetypal Images is to produce films that explore and harnesses that light in the eyes of people who have found their calling in life and share that sparkle with others who are still searching to find their own passion. The pilots featured in Breaking Through The Clouds are role models of this objective. They pursed their interests, no matter how illogical it sounded to others, and have continued to influence others in a positive way over 80 years later.